JVXTA - Rudy's Disc 31 - Bitwax
JVXTA - Rudy's Disc 31 - Bitwax

JVXTA - Rudy's Disc 31

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A1 - Brawn

A2 - Rudy's Disc 31

B1 - When We Kiss

B2 - State Of Nature

Format: 12" Vinyl

Newcomer JVXTA has been spotted previously on his own label Hardmatter, but you wouldn't think it's early days for the UK producer listening to the assured NY house flex of his guaranteed dancefloor bomb "Brawn." It also stand to reason that promising new Big Apple house label Homage have reached out across the Atlantic to make a fruitful connection, resulting in a crucial grip of contemporary house jams with classic touches in all the right places. As well as the garage swing of "Brawn" there's uptempo strutting aplenty to be had with "Rudy's Disc 31," while "When We Kiss" takes things in a sweeter, deeper direction. "State Of Nature" throws down tribal percussion and woozy synths for a heady track that contrasts neatly with the other more upfront offerings.