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Demi Riquísimo ‎– 54 Reasons EP

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Demi Riquísimo ‎– 54 Reasons Ep

Format: 12" Vinyl

Label: Semi Delicious

Cat: SEMID003


From time to time, a new name will appear on the scene with a unique, standout sound that commands people at all levels of the industry to sit up and take notice. Following two sold-out EPs on his vinyl-only imprint, Semi Delicious, UK producer Demi Riquísimo is one such example and on the 9th August he’ll be teaching another lesson on how to ignite the dancefloor with his third release of the year: 54 Reasons EP.

Another four-track, tour-de-force fusion of house, disco and electro, the 54 Reasons EP opens with ‘Bow UFO’ – an upbeat, percussive Disco-fused banger on which Demi gives us a taste of summer by bringing in synthy notes and adding an acidic edge to the track. A2’s ‘Anxious Elephants’ neatly follows on with its deeper, darker sonics, a groove-filled bassline and hypnotic lyrics, topped off with warm pads and soft flute instruments to perfectly balance things out. Flipping over the wax and you’ll find two more on-point cuts: ‘Point One’ delivers with its effortlessly rolling, Disco-tinged groove, as ’54 Reasons’ closes out the EP In a big way, leaving listeners with no questions regarding the enviable talent on display throughout Demi’s productions.


A1 - Bow UFO

A2 - Anxious Elephants

B1 - Point One

B2 - 54 reasons